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This article explains how to add a device to your account.

Before you adding the device to your account, make sure you complete the pre-required steps:

  • Have EXTRA WiFi device:
    You can get a device on EXTRA WiFi Store or use an EXTRA WiFi Device that you have from another account.
  • If you are trying to add a brand new device, then you first need to Install device firmware.
  • If it is the first time you add a device on this account and never had an EXTRA WiFi location, it is unblock the dashboard
  • Before starting the steps below, connect the device to an internet source: Using LAN cable, connect EXTRA WiFi device to internet source: Device WAN port to local router LAN port.

Steps for adding a new device to your account

  1. Login to your account dashboard.

  2. On the side menu go to System -> Devices

  3. Click the button "New Device"

  4. Enter the device MAC number. You can find the device MAC number on the back of your device.
    Make sure that you enter the correct digits/letters. The MAC number can contain only the follow digits: 0123456789ABCDEF
    Click next

  5. Set the device general information. You will be able to update this information later. Click next.

  6. In case this device is a new device you will have to purchase a license. The license is a one time payment that gives life time license for this specific device.

  7. After verifying the license the device is added to your account. In order to see the device on your account, on the side menu go to System -> Devices then you will see a list of all the devices you have in your account. The new device will appear in the list of your devices.


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